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Welcome to Sally Martin Online!!  This is an unofficial site dedicated to the talented actress Sally Martin.  Most of you may know her from the children’s TV show Power Rangers Ninja Storm on ABC Kids or ABC Family.  I will provide the latest screen captures and pictures when I can.  I will be soon adding more multimedia when I get the whole website up and running. Please visit the message board or sign the guestbook when you get a chance.

Have a nice stay.

Note: This is my first website.  If you see any errors please inform me through the message board or by e-mail.



February 21, 2003— Sally Martin Online opens to the public
February 22, 2003— Gallery Updated with screen capturers of PRNS Episode 1: Prelude to a Storm and Opening Credits
March 21, 2003- I am sorry for no updates for a  while, but I’m swamped with school work.  I won’t be updating this until the week of  April 13th.  Please bare with me!! Until then, visit the current gallery!

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